Service We Provide

We provide a call referral service which charge 10p per minute to be put through to the relevant company.


This is a Call referral service which transfers it's users to the relevant delivery company so they can quickly talk to a customer services representative to resolve their delivery issue or query.

If your parcel still hasn't arrived and you are completely unaware as to why this is it can prove rather frustrating especially like most parcels they are eagerly awaited. Many of the large delivery companies are difficult to contact because of complicated websites which make it hard to locate the company number. This maybe the last resort to find where your parcel is and find be given explanation as to why it hasn’t arrived yet.

Contacting a delivery company doesn’t’ have to always be about tracking a parcel or finding out where the parcel is but it could be for asking about a quotation on delivery and how much it is likely to cost. Other queries could be regarding specialised deliveries and further information which you may require.